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A quick update...

A friend reminded me this thing exists so hi from the mad faerie, I moved to texas a few weeks ago to escape being homeless, I'm still looking for work, I'm living with a friend, I'm down to a week's worth of clothes and not much more, but on the plus side, I survived to 32 years old and gained that fifth bit. If you wanna talk, I'll be more available through the other channels, if you wanna send anything interesting my way (especially donations -- I know that's gauche but please? at least for birthday?) then the e-mail you want is rtmf (yes rtmf not rtfm) at beautifulsunrise dot org. RtMF out, got some celebrating to do, low-key though this year as I'm kinda broke ^^;;

Not moving after all

Gonna stay in the bay area, concordia lives again. Details available through more secure channels, but suffice it to say there was one very crazy weekend, a lot of strangeness, and now Quinn's on track to get herself into an interesting life w/ her Emma by her side!~

so I am probably moving to washington. without moonlits. this is not a breakup. it is however terrifying. is anyone still listening on this frequency?

Faeries in a tree? No way.

It will take a while to interpret, but here is the layout as we found it falling here and there out of some rather chaotic deck manipulation.

Froud's Faerie Oracle obviously, and the rest should be obvious.

Sphere NumberSphere NameEnglish TranslationCard NumberCard Name
9YesodFoundation21She who was Kissed by the Pixies
8HodGlamour("Splendour")28Penelope Dreamweaver
7NetzachVictory36Spirit Dancer
6TipharetBeauty16the Bright Mother
5GevurahStrength("Severity")46the Friends
XDa'athKnowledge22the Master Maker
2ChesedWisdom25the Faery Godmother
1KetherCrown32Isis of the Rainbows




Damn, panic attacks + general life stuff led to screwing up paying rent so badly its 30 days to get out or eviction goes on our credit, we can't just pay up. Also broke the nice laptop Jenny gave us by accident. Wish we had more than this tiny netbook :/ Not broke but could use more, had hoped for more leniency here but there appears to be none, save that if we move quickly enough we can avoid credit/renting hassles. We need to get over our absolute terror of moving in general though. And hopefully we can move to the bay? Wish this had hot happened now, serious setback in the interview/hiring process we're in with this company we love.


Pictures follow. Link includes obvious date I hope. Curvier by now than NSFW ones.

http://tymestl.org/~tymestl/2012-02-25/ (SFW!)

http://tymestl.org/~tymestl/20110711/ (NSFW!!)

...the Daughters Of Lilith Ladying You

so...Natasha Dahlet seems to be one of the Rainbows now.

Also, we just had a great interview call. Got asked to pick three adjectives co-workers would use to describe us, Natasha came up with "Crazy, Interesting...Bizarre?" and the girl loved it!

yes, **this** Natasha Dahlet:
of DOLLY, the Daughters Of Lilith Ladying You
an ultrafeminist webcomic villain with a feminine pride/transform-everyone-into-girls organization. Now with everything Rainbows can do too. When they first heard of me they decided they had to have me someday. Its strange being fanfic.

Anyway, that's all for now.

--Natasha Dahlet of Rainbows.



Reading material...

So, we recently read Kushiel's Dart.

For those who will understand, we have given our word that we will serve Naamah and will seek to be worthy of being called an Adept of Jasmine House, to earn and then display proudly our Marque.

For a bit of explanation, though significantly lacking in the proper background and full setting, in the world of Terre D'Ange, Naamah is a historic religious figure, and in the current times, Servants of Naamah are religious prostitutes after a fashion. Naamah freed her people with the sensual arts, this is why she is so celebrated.

The most elite of all Servants of Naamah are the Court of the Night Blooming Flowers, thirteen houses each espousing their own reasons for why Naamah lay with the king of their enemy, and the house I am...essentially choosing to take as a part of my own real life is Jasmine. Their canon is pleasure and sensuality, the motto "For Pleasure's Sake", and their interpretation is that Naamah did what she did out of desire for and love of sensual pleasure, something we think is quite the beautiful idea.

Each house has some sort of specialty, a magick about their Adepts (and even some initiates) that instead of learning to do, they have to learn to control or suppress should they wish to. Jasmine is no exception, and while I shall describe it here, it would be better for me to touch you, the reader, to have you experience it. It is a rush of raw pleasure from being near or touching us, potentially even addictive, and quite likely to (though taking it this far against someone's will is taken as a horrible thing to do, consent is quite necessary) lead to the development of near-nymphomania in the recipient along with many other things, generally the more you've experienced it the more you're likely to crave sensual pleasure.

Simple contact with me is unlikely to be dangerous, but might provide the occasional unexpected shock of sensation. I do apologize if this ends up interfering with anyone around me, it is not my intention. I simply wish everyone to feel as good as I do these days!

Anyhow, please do talk to me about this people, its been hard for me to fully admit how I feel about this until nowish, so I'd love some comments & support if possible?

Rainbow, the Mad Faerie [Unseelie Sidhe/C of X/Concordia/Jasmine] -- Rhapsody, Aurora Starchild, Jackelyn Eternal, Lady Aylira Tesayon, et. al.

PS: Cyproterone continues to be quite good to us....last we measured, 38C-34-42, and still growing/reshaping! *bouncesquee* Every day our breasts get softer, fuller, bigger...we never thought this even remotely possible, every day is this wonderful thing lately!

Update from the edges of reality...

It's been a while since my last post, and I figured it was about time I let everyone know I'm fine, life's not going too badly anymore really, and thanks to getting on the right meds (specifically switching my hormone therapy to cyproterone) I'm feeling better and looking a lot more like myself ^_^

I also would like to add that its great to get to wake up to someone you love. I know I should have probably posted something sooner but I'd thought I'd wait until the ceremony...anyhow, I've signed DP papers with my partner! This doesn't change either of our poly status or anything, its just...we enjoy each other's company so much and we work so well together and just adore each other..

If anyone's interested, pics of no-longer-flat me @ http://tymestl.org/~tymestl/cyp/

There's been a lot going on with me re: magick as well, but I'm not sure if the terms I use for what happened would properly convey it...well, for those who get it, I'll say -- I woke up a few weeks back.